Paediatric First Aid Update

Did you know that under new government proposals, all new nursery and pre-school staff will be required to undertake paediatric first aid training?
As it stands, the law states that only one person with a current paediatric first aid certificate is required to be on the premises of a nursery or pre-school whilst children are present. However, the new proposals will mean that newly qualified staff with a childcare level 2 or 3 qualification must also hold a qualification in paediatric first aid or emergency paediatric first aid.
This significant change is the result of the hard work of Dan and Joanne Thompson of Millie’s Trust, who have been campaigning for the change since the tragic death of their daughter, Millie Thompson,in 2012. Millie suffered a fatal cardiac arrest after choking on her lunch whilst at nursery. The supervisor who was feeding Millie at the time had an expiredfirst aid certificate and unfortunately, when a qualified paediatric first aider stepped in to help, Millie could not be saved.
Dan & Joanne’s campaign, which called for the government to review the current laws on paediatric first aid training in nurseries and pre-schools, rapidly gained public support and resulted in their e-petition being signed by over 103,000 people!
In response to the announced changes, Joanne told us:
“We are absolutely over the moon that our paediatric first aid campaign was taken notice of within Government. To get to this stage has taken hard work, dedication and determination – but we did it to protect peoples’ children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and loved ones. This is a long lasting legacy in memory of our daughter, to ensure that children are in the best hands should paediatric first aid ever be needed.Qualsafe Awards sets a fantastic standard for paediatric first aid training, which Millie’s Trust will continue to use and support. With the announced changes, we are thrilled that more people will gain the quality paediatric first aid skills needed to save a child’s life”
In addition to the new proposals, which have been given a provisional implementation date of September 2016, a new kitemark style certification is to be introduced called “Millie’s Mark”. This
prestigious certification will be awarded to nurseries and pre-schools who have 100% of their staff trained in paediatric first aid. This means that parents who see Millie’s Mark at their chosen childcare facility can rest assured that those who are looking after their child have received paediatric first aid training and would know what to do in an emergency.
With these potentially life-saving changes set to bring an additional 15,000 newly trained paediatric first aiders into pre-schools and nurseries each and every year, we hope that you will all join us in congratulating the Thompsons for their hard work and for their persistence in raising the standard of paediatric first aid training in childcare facilities!