Our Team

Our team of expert First Aid Trainers at HDP Medical Services have worked on the frontline of Ambulance Services at various levels, including the delivery of education. We understand what it’s like to face real emergency situations on a daily basis. As trained medics, we are still active as emergency responders. We draw on real experience to deliver thorough and practical first aid courses and medical training to your workforce.

You wouldn’t get your business advice from a novice, and you shouldn’t get your education from a layman. Our First Aid Trainers can walk the walk, as well as talking the talk when it comes to clinical education! We charge industry standard rates and with our team, you get the real deal. We’re not subcontracted to an umbrella company reliant on inexperienced, hired hands. Most of all, we bring both empathy and humour into the classroom. Get to know your team by using ours to Educate and not just Train!

Hazel Poulton

Director and Customer Service Expert

Hazel has worked for many years in Office Business Unit Management, Debt Recovery, Field Sales and has headed up Telesales Units for Blue Chip FTSE Top 100 Companies in a number of fields. She now provides the driving force behind the success of HDP Medical seervices, as well as providing Consultancy and Program Development for our Industry Specific Courses. Hazel also has a passion for professional customer service which our customers often comment on when comparing us to their previous supplier / provider. She is also a qualified IHCD Technician and still works on NHS frontline as an Accident & Emergency Ambulance Crew.

Dave Poulton

Director of Educations & Operations & Ambulance Service / Care Sector Expert

Dave has worked front line in the Armed Forces, HM Prison Service, NHS Secure Mental Health Services & latterly has completed nine years in the NHS Ambulance Service, first on Accident & Emergency Ambulances, then being promoted to the position of Clinical Education Development Specialist / Senior Clinical Tutor. He is a Registered Paramedic, holding the IHCD Paramedic Qualification, a Foundation Diploma in Paramedic Practice, and a BSc in Professional Practice. He brings a wealth of experience to HDP, ranging from Conflict Management and Resolution to Practical First Aid, Fire & Risk Assessment and Management, and other associated fields. Dave’s latest project has been the development of an Ambulance Care Assistant course which meets the needs of our Private Ambulance Service Customers, and can be adapted to meet the individual needs of both tenders and CQC. To our knowledge, no other Education Provider offers this flexibility and bespoke service at such an affordable level.

Jennie Reynolds

Senior Tutor & Assesor & Child First Aid Expert

Jennie is the first member of our extended family. She has a wealth of experience delivering First Aid programs in a variety of vocational areas, and has worked within the Ambulance Service, and with other Education providers. She has the enthusiasm and passion to bring programs to life and to coach the best from delegates. Jennie has worked with schools to provide basic first aid programs to staff and students alike, and has a love of fitness, having worked in the Leisure Industry, and provided Health & Safety services. Jennie loves to deliver our New Families First Aid programme, and prepares families to deal with family emergencies with confidence.

Iain Hunt

Senior Tutor Customer Service Expert

Iain is the second member of our extended family. Dave and Iain worked together as an NHS frontline Accident & Emergency Ambulance Crew when both were new to the field. Iain has moved from strength to strength with his last position as Entertainment Manager for a nationwide hotel chain, delivering a £14 million refit at one of their larger venues. Iain’s passion lies in providing excellence in Customer Service and is passionate about saving lives too!