HDP introduce sky diving qualifications….. Really?!

Ok, so we aren’t really introducing Sky Diving Quals….

We were approached the other day and asked how a centre can start to deliver First Aid Training. When asked to elaborate, the gentleman replied that they already deliver Food Safety and Health & Safety qualifications, “so First Aid shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, should it?”

First Aid is often an after thought for small to medium, (and sometimes large) businesses, so shouldn’t they be able to expect expert tuition for their workforce? If I decided to deliver education programs for Driving Instruction, I would need to pass a series of exams and assessments. But anyone can sell their services as a First Aid Instructor.

However, when it comes to Levels above the basics of First Aid, you should select a company that has real experts in the Pre Hospital Arena. Not other emergency services personnel, ACTUAL time served AMBULANCE staff who have really been there. We don’t teach Fire Safety at HDP. We don’t teach how to police the streets. Why? Because we aren’t experts in those fields.

Your patients deserve the best treatment. So learn your skills from real clinicians. We are Paramedic led (Degree, Foundation Diploma, AND IHCD Paramedic quals), and every member of staff has Pre Hospital Experience gained over a number of years.