Due Diligence for FREC! – First Response Emergency Care

There are many companies advertising the Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC). We are one of TWO selected Trail Blazer Centres. At the time of writing there are only three authorised and accredited centres for FREC. Do your due diligence before you part with your hard earned ready cash!

FREC Level 3 is the first Certificate of a suite of qualifications leading to a Diploma qualification. The Level 4 certificate, Level 4 extended, and Diploma levels are to be released on a phased basis in 2015. These qualifications exceed the level 2 qualification offered by the FPOS suite, and are more suited to most professional environments. They set a new standard for pre hospital care which have been sorely needed and will be embraced by many sectors.

We are told that we are the best equipped independent provider of pre hospital education in the UK, and are staffed by front line professionals, one a former military and Prison Service officer, with additional experience in secure mental health establishments. There are many “centres” that staff with solely ex military or privately educated individuals with no frontline experience. The higher levels of FREC will require Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor tutor staff.

We have been in consultation with QA for this qualification suite, and are still a part of the development processes. We were given PERMISSION to announce FREC first before the release date, unlike many other centres who announced that they would be running them, and publicly embarrassed themselves by posting the wrong information! If you need answers to your questions, come to the experts.

For the best experience of FREC, ideally placed in the centre of the UK with easy access from the M1, M42, M6 and M69, come to HDP.